Simple Harmonic Motion

Dear Reader,

I am writing to you in the dawn of the morning I am to leave the country, with the callused hands of someone who has spent some good time on a rope swing. The swing in question hangs from one of the towering white pines in front of my family’s house. It’s one of those good old-fashioned ones, with long ropes hand-tied around the bough, enabling its user to get quite high up, an experience that’s peaceful and fun, with just enough mild terror to keep it exciting. We’ve been friends since childhood, and even at the age of twenty, the novelty hasn’t quite worn off.


There’s a moment at the crest of each arch where you feel as if you’ve stopped, weightless and immobile before the free fall that sends you accelerating in the opposite direction. A moment short and surreal. The other day I was thinking about how these last few weeks have reminded me of that sinusoidal movement: the momentum of an intense semester coming to a halt for a few short weeks, a few weeks suspended and unmoving,a breath between the binding force of one direction and being sent in another. It was a beautiful time, doused in laughter, good talks, weddings, farewell get-togethers, outdoor adventures, and Superior air. It felt almost unreal, like watching parts out of someone else’s life.


And as always, things started falling into motion once more. On Sunday I drove my wonderful friends and roommates, Nichelle and Courtney, to Minneapolis, sending them off with laughter and tears (some at the same time), and the true joy of beginning their summer in Honduras. I parted last night from Kate, one of my dearest friends in the world, saw the sun set for the last time on Eau Claire, and (finally) packed up all that I will be taking with me for three months, interspersed with breaks to jam to some Imagine Dragons. Things are moving fast in new directions, and I awoke this morning ready to follow the path laid before me, to trust God in all that I do, and listen to how He wants to use me in this journey.


I’m a lover of music, and will likely be sharing a lot of music I like on this blog. My mom heard heard this song when it first came out, and her immediate reaction was, “I bet Rae would like this song.” She knows me more than I think, and it’s still my favorite song, even though it’s been well over a year since she shared it with me. So as I go I’ll leave you with this song. Take care, and love the Light.

All the best,


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      1. So,last week at this time, “World’s best donuts” and this week, Dublin. How are the donuts?

    1. Also, it’s been two weeks now, and I’ve not had Dublin donuts. Here there is Guinness, though, so I’m doing quite alright. 😉

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