(extra)ordinary life

Dear Reader,

I’m thankful.

Thankful for life.


And for sunshine and longer days and spring around the corner. For good books and curious minds. For driving country roads under starry skies. For notes under the keyboard. For dinners on the floor and talking for hours. For friends and classmates getting into graduate school. For seeking the road less traveled by. For Kate and her radiant smile. For sliding down hills and appreciating art. For postcards from faraway lands and the hand that wrote them. For sickness and being reminded of my own weakness and limitations. For the strength and health God has given me. For chocolate milk and Vitamin C and cards. For Nichelle and her unparalleled desire for truth. For falling and getting up and falling and getting up and falling and getting up. For forgiveness and learning from mistakes. For education. For dancing. For local pubs and quirky antique stores. For rope swings. For the fact that I can be myself and people still love me. For asking questions and searching and making discoveries and asking more questions. For seeing old friends. For worshiping God in reverence. For beeswax candles. For oatmeal in mugs. For Stephen and his selfless heart. For different views, opinions, and perspectives. For humorous miscommunication. For a part of our hearts still being children. For angels. For those rare souls who can be strong in what they believe but still humbly open-minded and lovingly accepting. For the simple things. For really seeing and hearing. For learning to understand. For never giving up.


So here’s to being fearless and saying yes to new experiences. To treasuring people and embracing our differences. To loving others as they want to be loved. To moving forward. To following God and being filled by the Spirit.


Here’s to life.







4 thoughts on “(extra)ordinary life

  1. What a wonderful outlook full of wonderment and thankfulness, awareness of things big and small. You are so right….there are countless things in each of our days and lives that bring us joy, happiness, and sometimes uncomfortable stuff. Each of them is something to be thankful for and a blessing from God. (I’ve never had oatmeal in a mug! 🙂
    Far Mor

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