3 thoughts on “Heart of Bold

  1. Dear Rea:

    Both Anastasia and I have tried to read this new post entitled: “Heart of Bold”, but we can’t find it on the post that that carries its name. WE love your posts and want to follow your writing. Is there anyway to return to the simple fomat for the blog that you started out with?

    Love to you.



    Alvin Alexsi and/or Anastasia CURRIER

    P.O. Box 1127, Cumberland, WI. 54829

    715 822 8651,

    street address 1295 6th Ave. Apt. 202


  2. Hey friends! I made this one a picture post, and since the poem is short I wrote it on the image. There shouldn’t be further text outside the picture, but if you can’t view the picture let me know and I can find another way to send it to you. Hope that helps!

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