You don’t need to be “born talented” to be a good writer

Writing is a practice and a craft. You don't need to be "born talented" to be a writer.

Happy Friday, friends! Here’s a gentle reminder to end your week: writing is a practice and a craft. You don’t need to be “born talented” to be a writer.

A few years ago I started taking dance classes here in my town. It was super hard at first, and I’d be mentally exhausted after each class from having to consciously think about every single movement I made since it was so different to my body.

Today I’m still dancing, and it’s gotten easier. Not easy, but easier! I’m catching onto steps faster, and the other day I even had a few moments in class where I got to just enjoy the feeling of dancing because I wasn’t having to consciously think about what I was doing. Score!

I was in no way “born talented” at dancing. Quite the opposite! But I show up and practice because I enjoy it and want to get better.

Sometimes in the online writing space I see people who are concerned that they’re not “talented” enough to write. But the truth is that if you’re afraid to start because you’re not already good, you’ll miss out on the growth that happens through the process of creating.

Most skills in life–whether it’s writing or dancing or painting or long distance running–are things that become easier with time and practice.

Sure, we’re each born with natural gifts in some areas, but even those with raw talent still need to put in the work to become better.

I’ve met several friends in the online writing space who didn’t start writing until their young adult, middle age, or even older years. And many of them create wonderful work! It doesn’t matter if you were never “that kid” who was always known for writing in elementary school. You’re not too old to start.

So whatever it is you want to pursue in life, don’t spend too much time worrying if you’re good enough to start. Follow your curiosity. Paint that painting. Write that story. Run that race. Perform that dance.

Enjoy the process of creating, knowing that as you do, you’re getting better.

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