Hello, there!


You know what they call the mountaintop feeling? That feeling of overwhelming exhilaration you get when you finally accomplish the thing you thought was impossible?

I’ve felt that twice in my life.

Once was when hiking literal mountains. And the other was when I finished the first draft of my first-ever novel.

My name is Rae Poynter, and I’m a speculative fiction author, editor, and the founder of Northern Words, where I equip writers for successful writing journeys.

When I set out both on my backpacking journey and my writing journey, I felt twin emotions, equally strong: I knew I was incredibly in love with what I was doing, and I knew that I was completely intimidated. 

While my passion for writing got me started and kept filling me with new ideas, I needed a lot more endurance and skills to get me to the point of actually completing my first novel. With so much to learn, it seemed completely overwhelming, to the point where I wondered if I had any business going ahead at all.

But I did go ahead. And I discovered that I could accomplish more than I ever thought.

I believe the same is true for you, writer. 

Where I live, near the edge of the wilderness, we have what we call outfitters: amazing people who help you get all the gear, knowledge, and skills you need before setting out on a trip in the wilderness. 

Northern Words is like a writing outfitter, and I’m dedicated to helping you on your writing journey however I can. 

About me and my writing

I live sandwiched between the wilderness and Lake Superior in northern Minnesota, where I’m working on my upcoming fantasy fiction novel, I Am the North. 

I’ve edited and proofread books, articles, essays, and even an academic textbook, but I have a special place in my heart for fiction.

In addition to Northern Words, I also work as a freelance journalist