When Writing Sucks: How to Deal with Writer’s Burnout

But if you're wanting to take your writing to the next level, you're going to have to learn to deal with Suck Days. It might not be easy, but here are four things I've found that make the Suck Days not only more manageable, but something you can use to your advantage.


North Shore Life: What’s it Really Like? | July

Since moving to Minnesota's North Shore I've had people ask what it's really like to live here year-round. In this month-by-month journal, I take you through the full year to give you a glimpse of What it's Really Like. Oh, July. Sweet midsummer. That time when the earth hums with activity: with bumblebee parties in … Continue reading North Shore Life: What’s it Really Like? | July

Set-Apart Femininity Review #8: Marriage, expectations, and reality

So given that reality that some people and some marriages are not okay, what are we going to do about it? Reach out to those who are hurting and provide ways to help them heal? Or show contempt at those who reach out while pretending to have no issues so more people will be drawn to your religion?

Set-Apart Femininity Review #7: Mental health and miracles

PSA before we get started: My book is on sale on Amazon this week. Like, really on sale. So if you want to check it out but don't feel like spending much, this is your chance! Now for the book review, which...oh gosh. Friends, today is going to be a fun exercise in Rae trying … Continue reading Set-Apart Femininity Review #7: Mental health and miracles

North Shore Life: What’s it Really Like? | June

So ever since making the move to Grand Marais, the question that keeps coming my way is: What's it really like? You know, to dwell in this wilderness-y, picturesque, remote town not for a weekend every year, but all year long? Am I lying on a beach for half the year and narrowly avoiding frostbite for the other half of the year? Is the Lake Superior backdrop as dreamy at it would seem or do you just kind of get used to it? And how the heck do you survive all those mosquitoes?

Set-Apart Femininity Review #6: Mix-gender friendships and making the first move

But rather than warning about how having a guy friend will drive a wedge between you and your spouse, why not talk about the idea that men and women can be friends without it troubling your romantic relationship? Certainly, it is problematic to talk to an opposite-sex friend about things that you won't address with your spouse. But does that potential error really justify diminishing all opposite-sex friendships?

Set-apart Femininity Review #5: Hollywood and the Sacred-Secular Divide

This paragraph is a perfect example of the discord between Ludy's thesis and her elaboration: she mentions this woman has an "obsession." She says the young woman didn't see a problem with her obsession. But rather than deal with the problem of obsession and addiction, Ludy instead elaborates on how none of God's nature can be seen through TV shows, because he does not work through 'ungodly' mediums.

3 Tips for Sticking with your Writing

Would I ever really finish a novel? The answer was yes. I did finish a novel. I did start to take my writing seriously. And I believe you can, too! You can escape the endless cycle of abandonment and write something brilliant. Here are the three things that broke me out of the abandonment cycle and helped me complete my first novel.