Finding my inner creative child

A few weeks ago I walked out of our local art supplies shop with a set of acrylic paints and a new blending brush. I’m not a painter, and I spent way too long staring at the rainbow of paint choices, wondering what I should choose. Eventually I picked out a set of colors and … Continue reading Finding my inner creative child

You don’t need to be “born talented” to be a good writer

Writing is a practice and a craft. You don't need to be "born talented" to be a writer.

Sometimes in the online writing space I see people who are concerned that they're not "talented" enough to write. But the truth is that if you're afraid to start because you're not already good, you'll miss out on the growth that happens through the process of creating.

Reminder: It’s normal for your creative energy to change with the seasons

Reminder: it's normal for your creative energy to change with the seasons

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but if your energy has been low lately, you’re not alone.  Up here in the northern tip of Minnesota, we’re finishing yet another month of freezing in below-average temperatures and being buried in feet of snow. The only vitamin D I’ve been getting is from supplements, and … Continue reading Reminder: It’s normal for your creative energy to change with the seasons

Hustling won’t help you write better. But neither will procrastinating.


As I look back on my last several years of being a writer, there is a pattern I’ve noticed: the more I’ve studied and learned about writing, the slower I actually get the writing done. And that’s because the more that I’ve learned, the more that I’ve started holding myself to impossible standards.

Why I Won’t Make Fun of My Past Self

After several moments of scathing self-criticism, I stopped, horrified at what my mind was doing. Here were the words I had written with such passion during one of the most meaningful and amazing experiences of my life. And rather than looking back with appreciation and love for the girl who set off to take on the world, all I was focusing on was the negative and everything I wanted to change.

Facing Down Your Writing Fears

I know I'm not the only one who struggles with a fear of embracing the creative life. Embracing this role as a creator is hard work, and no matter where you are in your creative journey, taking the leap to the next level can be daunting. It's personal and different and daring, and all those delicious things that usually accompany the goals and dreams we long for most.

When Writing Sucks: How to Deal with Writer’s Burnout

But if you're wanting to take your writing to the next level, you're going to have to learn to deal with Suck Days. It might not be easy, but here are four things I've found that make the Suck Days not only more manageable, but something you can use to your advantage.