Ode to a spreading garden

  I learned of grace from a spreading garden From faces of violet and blue Which tumbled over boulders placed in a slicing line, And told of a place for flowers, which was not beyond their reach And tried, I suppose, to keep the life in and the trodden path out But the flowers did not … Continue reading Ode to a spreading garden

light never leaves

can i tell you a secret?   light will never leave you strange as it may seem while we wait out the inky black deep that falls no matter how bright the sun shone on our bare faces today we knew it had to end   even as we strike the match to bring life … Continue reading light never leaves

spark of hope

every now and then and you’ll find yourself in the dark whether it’s a flicker or a long-term night and you’ll wonder how moments ago you tended the sea’s beacon and today you’re fumbling for a switch and you’ll think that you ought to try to keep lighting the sea even when your fuel is … Continue reading spark of hope

The Golden Way: A poem

"If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." The Golden Way     Come and walk with me, I said I’ll show you a new road A path of clear and glittering thread To take you where you’ll go The Golden Way it’s called, and I’m sure you’ll love it too On it you … Continue reading The Golden Way: A poem

Winter’s Hands

Mending the frost by building a fire Hauling another storm’s snow Wrapping the littles in bundles of coat Keeping the bite from their toes   Hauling up boxes, unraveling lights Wrestling a tree into place Baking and buying the gift that’s just right Extending new patience and grace   Ringing bells and giving well Offering … Continue reading Winter’s Hands

Remembering Paris, A Year Later

3 a.m., November 14, 2015. A suburb of Paris. A piercing sound jolts me awake. It’s dark, and too early for an alarm. What is that sound? Groping around in the dark with 3 a.m. cognitive capacity, I finally find Stephen’s wailing phone. “What the…” A device locator alarm has been activated. Turning it off, … Continue reading Remembering Paris, A Year Later