North Shore Life: What’s it Really Like?| September

There's a time to hang on. And finally, there's a time for change. Just as we get used to the slow hum of summer, September comes along to shake things up. At least in northeast Minnesota, it's the wild card of the year.

Autumn: On colors and casting off

"Cast off everything that is not yourself." -Persius Welcome to October, dear readers. Welcome to brisk mornings and cozy evenings, exhilarating walks and wooly socks. In other words, the best time of the year. Day by day, the tip of the arrowhead feels more like home. It’s been almost a year since we landed in … Continue reading Autumn: On colors and casting off

Fall and Flashbacks

Dear Reader, Summer is winding down. Dusk comes early and the nights are growing colder. Facebook is saturated with back-to-school photos. The August page of our calendar is nearly filled and is begging to be flipped to clean, fresh September. These last weeks are a mini-era of final excursions, hitting the last few items on … Continue reading Fall and Flashbacks