North Shore Life: What’s It Really Like? | November

Since moving to Minnesota’s North Shore I’ve had people ask what it’s really like to live here year-round. In this month-by-month journal, I take you through the full year to give you a glimpse of What it’s Really Like. 


Breaking it Off: When to Give Up on Your WIP

There's a lot of writer advice out there that errs on the side of keeping it up at all costs. "You can work through anything!" "Never quit!" "Think of how good it will feel when you actually finish this manuscript!" Well, I'm here to say that not all manuscripts are meant to be finished. And some of them should be quit. 

Introducing new book review series!

When I told my husband that I'd ordered a copy of Leslie Ludy's Set Apart Femininity, he looked at me like I was speaking French. Or like I said I'd taken to eating peanut butter. That would be even stranger. Although he was the one to introduce me to the Ludys back in our dating days, it'd … Continue reading Introducing new book review series!

8 reasons Luna Lovegood is the best Harry Potter character

Hello dear friends! The other day's April Love theme was "inspiring person," which gives me the opportunity to put together a fun piece I've been wanting to do for a while. Because what better way to spend a blizzard than to think about Harry Potter books, right? So today for my inspiring person I'm picking … Continue reading 8 reasons Luna Lovegood is the best Harry Potter character

Reminder and thank you

First off, many thanks to everyone who has ordered and read my book! It's become a cheesy thing to say "I couldn't have done it without you," but you dedicated bunch of family, friends, and readers seriously rock. Your support has made all the difference in this crazy journey they call writing. If you're still … Continue reading Reminder and thank you