Set-Apart Femininity Review #6: Mix-gender friendships and making the first move

But rather than warning about how having a guy friend will drive a wedge between you and your spouse, why not talk about the idea that men and women can be friends without it troubling your romantic relationship? Certainly, it is problematic to talk to an opposite-sex friend about things that you won't address with your spouse. But does that potential error really justify diminishing all opposite-sex friendships?


Set-apart Femininity Review #5: Hollywood and the Sacred-Secular Divide

This paragraph is a perfect example of the discord between Ludy's thesis and her elaboration: she mentions this woman has an "obsession." She says the young woman didn't see a problem with her obsession. But rather than deal with the problem of obsession and addiction, Ludy instead elaborates on how none of God's nature can be seen through TV shows, because he does not work through 'ungodly' mediums.

Set-apart Femininity Review #4: Boys and blanket statements

Welcome back, mes amis, to book club day. Set-Apart Femininity, is...interesting. I mean, you probably already gathered I thought that here. And here. And here. But today we're beginning our first of three (yes, three) chapters dedicated to male/female romantic relationships, and it's in these chapters that things get ironic. On the one hand, this book proclaims a … Continue reading Set-apart Femininity Review #4: Boys and blanket statements