How to develop your character’s voice

How to develop your character's voice

A few years ago, I went to a conference all about the writing and publishing world. There, an editor from a big publisher gave a talk about how editors are looking for “voicey” novels.  But what exactly is voice? And how can you develop a unique voice for your character? Part 1: Defining voice Your … Continue reading How to develop your character’s voice

8 Keys to Writing Spectacular Stories


Writing a novel is hard. From character development to worldbuilding to trying to keep all of your subplots straight, there is a lot that goes into writing a novel, especially for beginners. When I was first starting out as a writer, I made a lot of mistakes, and I struggled for years to even finish … Continue reading 8 Keys to Writing Spectacular Stories

Breaking it Off: When to Give Up on Your WIP

There's a lot of writer advice out there that errs on the side of keeping it up at all costs. "You can work through anything!" "Never quit!" "Think of how good it will feel when you actually finish this manuscript!" Well, I'm here to say that not all manuscripts are meant to be finished. And some of them should be quit.