Set-Apart Femininity Review #9: This used to be me. And I’m sorry.

But I took this message too far, to the point where I believed that caring for myself was at odds with caring for others, and that my worth to God was directly dependent on how much he "used" me to save people around me. 


Set-Apart Femininity Review #8: Marriage, expectations, and reality

So given that reality that some people and some marriages are not okay, what are we going to do about it? Reach out to those who are hurting and provide ways to help them heal? Or show contempt at those who reach out while pretending to have no issues so more people will be drawn to your religion?

Set-Apart Femininity Review #7: Mental health and miracles

PSA before we get started: My book is on sale on Amazon this week. Like, really on sale. So if you want to check it out but don't feel like spending much, this is your chance! Now for the book review, which...oh gosh. Friends, today is going to be a fun exercise in Rae trying … Continue reading Set-Apart Femininity Review #7: Mental health and miracles

Set-Apart Femininity Review #6: Mix-gender friendships and making the first move

But rather than warning about how having a guy friend will drive a wedge between you and your spouse, why not talk about the idea that men and women can be friends without it troubling your romantic relationship? Certainly, it is problematic to talk to an opposite-sex friend about things that you won't address with your spouse. But does that potential error really justify diminishing all opposite-sex friendships?

Set-apart Femininity Review #5: Hollywood and the Sacred-Secular Divide

This paragraph is a perfect example of the discord between Ludy's thesis and her elaboration: she mentions this woman has an "obsession." She says the young woman didn't see a problem with her obsession. But rather than deal with the problem of obsession and addiction, Ludy instead elaborates on how none of God's nature can be seen through TV shows, because he does not work through 'ungodly' mediums.

Set-apart Femininity Review #4: Boys and blanket statements

Welcome back, mes amis, to book club day. Set-Apart Femininity, is...interesting. I mean, you probably already gathered I thought that here. And here. And here. But today we're beginning our first of three (yes, three) chapters dedicated to male/female romantic relationships, and it's in these chapters that things get ironic. On the one hand, this book proclaims a … Continue reading Set-apart Femininity Review #4: Boys and blanket statements

Set-apart femininity review #3: Proverbs 31 and sin nature

Hello friends! Well, this has been a week. Year #2 of my job at the school has concluded, my husband returned from his whirlwind trip to Europe, and now we get to talk about juicy topics like sin nature and the Proverbs 31 woman. Uff da! We're checking out p. 31-57 of Leslie Ludy's Set-apart Femininity. This … Continue reading Set-apart femininity review #3: Proverbs 31 and sin nature

Set-Apart Femininity Review #2: The beauty problem

Greetings, dear followers, Today we are back for our book study and are looking at Set-Apart Femininity's first chapter: "Sacred Intent." Honestly, I struggled with knowing where to begin, as these 22 pages work like an overture for later chapters. As such, it felt a little hodge-podgey, and this post will probably feel hodge-podgey, too. In this … Continue reading Set-Apart Femininity Review #2: The beauty problem

Set-Apart Femininity Review #1: Let’s talk communication

Welcome back to Tuesday, and to the first week of our Set-Apart Femininity review series. I'd like to think of this as sort of a long-distance book club. If you have the book and want to follow along that would be awesome; at the end of each entry I'll let you know what section we're covering next … Continue reading Set-Apart Femininity Review #1: Let’s talk communication

Introducing new book review series!

When I told my husband that I'd ordered a copy of Leslie Ludy's Set Apart Femininity, he looked at me like I was speaking French. Or like I said I'd taken to eating peanut butter. That would be even stranger. Although he was the one to introduce me to the Ludys back in our dating days, it'd … Continue reading Introducing new book review series!