A black market for magic. A power-hungry theocracy. A secret that could unravel society.

Over ten years ago, I started planning a fantasy fiction series. Inspired by the wild beauty of my home region of northern Minnesota, I knew that this story was both dear to my heart and one that required intricate planning.

I’ve spent the last several years planning both the series and how I want to share it with the world. I knew that I didn’t just want to send it out to the world and forget about it; I wanted to actually get to know my readers and connect with people who might also love the series.

And so I launched a website and Discord community around my book, where readers not only get sneak peeks of the series and accompanying artwork, but also get to play a role in building this world and interacting with the story in new and fun ways.

I’ve shared more about the Sitka Saga and what I’m building with Sitka World on this blog. You can learn more by exploring these articles or visiting the Sitka World website.

My goal with this series and this community is to inspire people to bring out the magic within them.

See all Sitka Saga articles here. Or visit the Sitka World website.

Sitka world art
Sitka World art

Artwork by Nate Crandall