Rae Wojcik Poynter

I am a writer and storyteller who helps brands harness the power of story. With over five years’ experience as a professional writer, I help you communicate your why through clear and compelling storytelling.

I help people harness the power of story and share their why with the world.

Compelling articles

For the past five years, I’ve worked as a writer for several publications, contributing over 100 articles on a variety of topics, from arts and culture to business developments to hot-button local news. I also take and source photographs to be shared alongside my writing.

You can find samples of my writing below:

A Wild Workshop: Story on Minnesota authors

Three-part series on Cook County, MN housing crisis

Guide to Northern Minnesota’s scenic byways

Article on Northern Minnesota film industry

“Rae, this is really good. Excellent reporting with many great perspectives. Well done.” -Boreal Community Media Board Member

Story-based branding

I’m a firm believer that people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. Many brands clearly communicate what they do, but not the why behind it. Storytelling has long been one of humanity’s most powerful tools for sharing the heart behind the why. Story builds empathy and connects to people in deep and lasting ways.

I’ve worked with brands to develop a brand storytelling plan and to use the power of story to bring their vision to life. Some of my past clients have included a coach, a gemstone mining company, and a business consulting firm.

I just read the story and I must say I absolutely love it! You are truly gifted and an exceptional writer! Thank you so much!” -Bryan Ottens of Opus Labs, story-based branding client

Blog posts and email newsletters

As a writer, I know that storytelling is an ongoing journey. Cultivating a connected audience is essential, and I help you navigate this part of the journey by crafting blog posts and email newsletters that drive engagement. With your unique voice in mind, I help deliver the message your audience needs with the consistency you want.

Some of my past work has involved managing email marketing campaigns, social media, and blogging for a former employer as well as for my own businesses.

Logos of companies I've worked for

THANK YOU!!!! You took a cobbled up set of stories and wrote something clear and wonderful. I believe your listening, deciphering, and writing abilities will help further our endeavors and give people the courage to believe they can indeed make a difference. We cannot thank you enough.”

Anna and Sarah H., owners of Hamilton Habitat and Camp Chow

“I just read the article!!!! It made me cry and made my week! You are such a powerful writer.”

Mollie G., artist

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